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The Central Florida Koi Show has been moved to the fourth weekend in March, the 22nd - 24th. Visit cfks.org for show updates.

Our November Club meeting will be on Saturday, November 10, 10;00 am, at the home and pond of Mike and Susan McMahon, 1021 Wald Road, Orlando, FL  32806.  In addition to their great koi pond and show quality koi, the McMahon's have the most beautifully landscaped backyard with a wide variety of lovely plants.  Mike's bromeliads are truly outstanding.  If you have not been to the McMahon's home in a while, you really need to try to make it to the November meeting.  Mike is an experienced koi keeper and is always happy to answer any questions you might have about your own koi and pond.  Mike tells me he has three nice koi to rehome - a large kin showa, and 20" or so shiro utsuri and sanke.  He has the bags and oxygen.  You will need to supply a transport box or cooler.  

Prospective members are welcome to attend our meetings as guests. If interested please call (407) 403-0757 or email Kim at: kahafley66@gmail.com. 


2018 Hosting Schedule

October 13        -  Mark Rittenberg (Wonders of Water) 11:00 am

November 10    -  Mike and Susan McMahon10:00 am

December ___  - Time TBA - Check back.  Narish and Roseanna Ramkissoon.  Narish has made some noteable changes to his ponds and landscaping this year and is anxious to show them off to the members.

Submitted by: Kim Hafley, Secretary

Central Florida Koi Show Report

By Kim Hafley

The show this year must have been one of the most successful.  A larger tent was required to accommodate all the reserved tanks and vendors participating.  I do think the quality of the koi for those showing and the wet vendors was exceptional.  Several of our Club members  showed some of their koi this year:  Luis and Jenifer Barroso, Henry Culpepper, Rob and Hazel Forbis, me, Mike McMahon, Narish Ramkissoon, Sam Schult, and Joe and Sherri White.  Major awards went to Mike McMahon winning the Sakura Champion with his 20-24" Gin Rin "A"-S; Joe and Sherri White won Adult Champion with their 20-24" Showa; Luis Barroso won a Friendship Award from the Midwest Pond & Koi Society for his 24-28" Showa; and Joe and Sherri White won a Friendship Award from the St. Louis Watergarden Society with their 20-24" Showa.  Best in Variety Awards went to Mike McMahon for his Kohaku over 28"; Luis Barroso for his 24-28" Showa; Henry Culpepper for Gin Rin "B"-S under 8"; Luis Barroso for his 24-28" Doitsu-T; and Kim Hafley won with her 12-16" Longfin.  Best Koi in Size 5 went to Henry Culpepper for his 20-24" Kohaku.  To see a listing of all the winners this year with pictures you can go to www.CFKS.org.  The rest of us won first and second place awards in several categories.  We all had so much fun at the show that I expect we will do it all again next year.  A special "thank you" needs to go to Hazel and Rob Forbis for organizing and manning the Hospitality Suite the whole weekend.  Everyone was certainly happy to see this special show benefit back again this year.  And, as always, this show would not have been the great success it was without the effort and computer skills of Sherri White. 

Hurricane Preparedness

The above link is to an article by Martin Wilcox of south Florida. Martin shares many good points about pond readiness for a hurricane. With Irma arriving soon this article should provide timely information.